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Bounce house safety: Know your rights and take precautions

If you have children, you probably have seen – or let them play on – a bounce house. While you might have seen or heard of the dangers of these inflatables, do you know how to let your kids enjoy them through proper bounce house safety?

It’s possible if you take a few precautions with bounce house safety.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, bounce house injuries – and even deaths – are on the rise. From 2003-2013, more than 113,000 children were seen in emergency rooms for bounce house-related injuries. And 61 percent of those injured were 4-15 years old. Twelve deaths were reported.

It’s important to know your rights in the event that your child is injured while playing on a bounce house. If you or someone you love has been injured while using a bounce house, the legal experts at the Schottenstein Law Offices are here to help.

We’re offering up five bounce house safety tips for parents who want to let their child bounce.

Read on:

Watch the weather

If it is at all windy, don’t let your child go in a bounce house – even if it appears to be well-anchored. The fact is, bounce houses are essentially giant balloons and a gusty day can be dangerous. Even on a day with very light winds, you should make sure the inflatables are well-anchored. Use your best judgment and keep an eye on the weather.

Number of children

Use your best judgment here. If there appears to be too many children in the bounce house, there are likely too many children in there. Most bounce houses have rules about how many people can be inside at any given time.


There should be someone watching who enters and exits the bounce house at all times and someone monitoring activity inside as well. Children who aren’t following the rules should be removed immediately.

Age of children

It seems like a simple rule, but big kids and little kids shouldn’t be bouncing together. If you have a toddler, don’t let them bounce with much larger children and if you have older children, don’t let them bounce with toddlers.


While you might not be an expert bounce house safety, go with your gut. If it doesn’t seem well maintained or in proper working order, walk away. Sure, your kids might be upset, but safety first!

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