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Airbag injuries: What to look for and how to protect your rights

If you have been in a crash, you probably were thankful for your airbag. However, airbag injuries can and do happen.

While airbags help keep most motorists safe and prevent injuries in a crash, airbag injuries can leave motorists with broken bones, burns and more. While they are rare, airbag injures can be debilitating.

So, what are some common airbag injuries? Read on:

Fractures and sprains

Airbags can cause facial fractures, skull fractures, spine fractures and other fractures to body parts like wrists, hands and chest.

Abrasions and contusions

You can get cut and bruised from the airbag being deployed, especially on your face, upper body and chest and hands. Airbags can also bruise your internal organs and knees.


It’s possible for injuries to include concussions, brain swelling and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). If you lost consciousness during the accident, it may have been caused by an airbag injury.

Eyes and ears

Injuries can include retinal tears, abrasions and other eye injuries, as well as hearing loss or other ear injuries.

While some of these airbag injuries can be mild, some can be quite serious or debilitating. You can cut your risk of airbag injuries by properly using your seatbelt and not letting children under age 12 ride in the front seat.

Schottenstein Law Offices can help with airbag injuries

If you or someone you know has been injured due to an airbag, give our legal experts a call today! You might be entitled to a settlement and we can help protect your rights.