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Worker's compensation claims and you

You like your job and you are good at it but accidents happen. If you have been injured on the job, you might be wondering about worker’s compensation claims and how to go about filing one.

It’s not intuitive. Worker’s compensation claims can be confusing and frustrating. But if you have been hurt at work, you might be entitled to benefits. Here are four things to know before filing a worker’s compensation claim. Read on:

Time limits

During the summer of 2017, Ohio lawmakers reformed worker’s compensation. This change takes effect this month, meaning the statute of limitations for an injury or death claim have been changed. Injured workers or beneficiaries have only one year to file a claim – and not two years, as it had been in the past. If you’ve been hurt at work, don’t wait to file.

No fault

Even if you were at fault for your injury, you are entitled to worker’s compensation. It’s a no-fault system. Don’t hesitate to file just because you were responsible for your injury.

Any injury

You can file worker’s compensation claims for almost any injury that happened while you were working. While there are exclusions, an experienced worker’s compensation attorney can help you sort out the details. We know the law and can help you navigate this system.

Kinds of benefits

There are different kinds of benefits available to you under worker’s compensation, depending on your injury and other factors. Generally, you’ll get money to pay your medical bills. Also, if you are disabled, you might be entitled to benefits if you can no longer work.

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