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How to prepare your teen drivers for winter

If you have teen drivers, you might be a little worried about him or her driving in the wintry weather ahead. Preparing your teen driver for winter can be stressful; after all, ice and snow can create hazardous conditions for even the most experienced driver.

However, it’s not an impossible task to prepare your teen drivers for winter. We’re sharing some simple tips for parents that take the fear out of winter driving and teenagers. Read on:

Make an emergency kit

One of the easiest and best things to do to prepare your teen drivers for winter is to work together and create an emergency kit to keep in the car. Being prepared is half the battle with winter driving! Make sure your teen has a blanket, boots, a flashlight and flares, sand/kitty litter and a shovel. And make sure he or she always has a cell phone and charger!

Maintenance is key

It’s better to think about maintaining and preventing a bad experience than to have one and be unprepared. One thing you can do to prepare your teen driver for winter is to talk about winter car maintenance. Teach your teen to always keep the gas tank full and their wiper blades maintained and in good shape (and don’t forget the wiper fluid!). Have him or her understand what good tires look like.

Make sure they have a brush and scraper – and that they know how to get their car clear of ice and snow. Don’t forget to tell them to clear their lights and tailpipe!

Practice, practice, practice

If you’ve never driven in ice, snow or slush, it can be a wild ride. To prepare your teen driver for winter, take them to a parking lot after the first snowfall and let them practice accelerating, stopping and turning. Show them how the car’s safety features like anti-lock brakes work and how their car handles in the poor conditions.

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We hope you have fun preparing your teen driver for winter. Stay safe out there!