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Spring is motorcycle season: Three ways to safely share the road!

For riders, spring motorcycle season is a great time of year. Out on the open road, the wind, the sunshine, and the freedom. But it can also mean accidents, which can sometimes be deadly. As a rider, you probably know how to stay safe on the road, but you do rely on other motorists. And motorists know to watch out for motorcycles, but it can be hard when you aren’t used to looking for them after a winter of not sharing the road.

During spring motorcycle season, the legal experts at the Schottenstein Law Offices are sharing these three ways for motorists and motorcyclists to safely share the road this motorcycle season. Read on:

Be courteous

This applies to both motorcyclists and motorists. Be courteous! Motorcyclists, don’t weave in and out of traffic or drive on the shoulder. And motorists, don’t cut off a motorcycle or follow too closely. Remember, the goal is that everyone arrives alive at their destination, so cut everyone some slack.

Turn, turn, turn

Many motorcycle/motorist crashes happen during turns so motorcyclists, make sure the motorist knows you are coming and stay out of a vehicle’s blind spot. And motorists, check your blind spots and then check them again! Better safe than sorry.

Watch the weather during motorcycle season

Bad weather is way more hazardous for a motorcyclist than a motorist. Motorcyclists, be sure to keep a watch on the weather and pull over if it gets too rough out there. Better safe than sorry. And motorists, if there is bad weather, cut the motorcyclist some slack.

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