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Pool safety: 5 tips for summer

Summertime means fun in the sun – and likely time spent around a swimming pool. If your family loves to swim – or if you own a pool – pool safety is probably top of mind this time of year.

The legal experts at Schottenstein Law Offices want you and your loved ones to enjoy time spent at a swimming pool this summer. We also want to make sure you know some general pool safety tips to make sure everyone is safer in and around the water. For some pool safety tips, read on:


One of the main rules to have at any swimming pool is supervision. First, no one swims alone. It doesn’t matter how proficient of a swimmer you are, everyone needs a buddy. Things can and do go wrong, so never swim alone. Children should also NEVER be left near water – not even for a second. It’s always a good idea to have adults take turns being the “water watcher” during pool time, paying constant attention to the people in the pool. Water watchers can’t be distracted, so no smartphones, books, magazines, talking to others, etc.

Barriers and gates

If you own a pool or if you are staying at a vacation home with a pool, make sure there are barriers and working gates and locks. Children are fast and can slip away; you don’t want your kid getting in the pool without you knowing. There are also several types of door and pool alarms to consider as well.

Safety equipment

Every pool should have rescue and safety equipment like a shepherd’s hook, life preservers and flotation devices. They should be visible and easily accessible to all.

Swim instruction

If you have small children, consider enrolling them in swim lessons. Many swim schools offer water safety instruction alongside swim instruction, and studies have shown that children who take swim lessons are at a decreased risk for drowning.

Talk about it

One of the best ways to keep your family safe around pools is to simply talk about safety and expectations for proper pool behavior. Also, it’s best to have a zero-tolerance policy for dangerous or risky behavior in and around the pool.

Schottenstein Law Offices

The legal experts at the Schottenstein Law Offices want you and your family to have a safe and fun summer, in and out of the water!