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Road rage: Four warning signs

We all get frustrated behind the wheel sometimes, right? But when does normal frustration cross the line into road rage?

If you are worried about you or a loved one’s anger behind the wheel, there are ways to tell if the behavior is normal or dangerous. After all, about 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving and 37% of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm, according to Safe Motorist. It’s not something to take lightly!

Here are four warning signs of road rage:


If you find yourself trying to “win” a race against another driver or race to a red light, you might be exhibiting road rage. Do you speed? Get speeding tickets? Tailgate or complain about other drivers going too slow or slowing you down? Take an honest look at why you feel the need to go so fast or beat another driver.

Honking or gesturing

If you find yourself honking or gesturing at other drivers in a less-than-polite manner, this could be a sign of road rage. Trying to communicate or yell at another driver is also a sign that you may have a problem.


Does driving stress you out? Do you feel angry or irritated when behind the wheel? If getting in the car makes you feel angry, upset or stressed, this could be a sign of road rage.

Do you cause road rage?

If you can honestly answer no to all of these questions, great! But here’s the issue: You might be causing road rage. There is no excuse for violence on the road, however, if you find others are honking at you, gesturing at you or otherwise irritated with your driving, you might want to see if you are contributing to the problem. If you use your phone while driving, forget to signal a turn, cut people off or otherwise drive in a less-than-courteous manner, try to do better.

We all need to work to prevent road rage!

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