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Birth injuries: Common birth injuries you need to know about

Having a baby is a wonderful, emotional time. And giving birth should be special and stress-free, right? Birth injuries, however, are common – 6-8 infants out of 1,000 born will have a birth injury, according to the National Healthcare Quality Report (AHRQ).

Common birth injuries can range from minor to severe, including nerve damage, hemorrhage, and fractures.

There are birth injuries that are more common than others and yes, there are ways to prevent them. Here are some of the more common birth injuries:

Brachial Plexus Injuries

Also known as BPI, this is damage to nerves in the spine, neck, arm, shoulder, and hand. This can be a mild or severe injury and can cause little to severe long-term damage.

Spinal Cord Injury

This type of birth injury can be caused by the use or forceps. Paralysis and neurological problems can result in this type of birth injury.


Sometimes, if a birth is difficult or complex, a baby’s bones can be broken. Usually, these fractures heal on their own – with or without treatment.

Head injuries

Common birth injuries can include a cephalohematoma, or when blood collects on the skull. This is generally not cause for alarm and requires no medical treatment. Another type of injury, caput succedaneum, is also swelling of the scalp and isn’t life-threatening. It is caused by pressure during delivery.

Cerebral Palsy

A neurological condition, cerebral palsy is a brain injury or malformation. It can happen before, during or after birth. It can be mild to severe, affecting a child’s fine/gross motor skills and oral function. There’s no cure but there are therapies that help.

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