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Summer is dog bite season: 5 ways to protect your family

Summer is lots of things: Vacations, baseball, time with family and friends. It’s also a time when people – and their pets – spend more time outside. And that means it is also dog bite season.

The statistics show that more dog bites occur in the summer months. It’s not known why more dog bites occur in the summer, but it is likely because people spend more time outdoors and more and more people are taking their pets with them on their daily adventures.

So how do you protect your family against dog bite season? The legal experts at the Schottenstein Law Offices are sharing 5 ways you can protect your family. Read on:

It’s the approach

Teach your children not to approach strange dogs while out in public. This can start young, even if you have a dog-loving child. Kids should ALWAYS ask an adult if they can pet or interact with a dog in public. It’s just good manners and it can keep your child safe.

Know which dogs to avoid

Teach your children the signs of aggression in dogs – if you don’t know them, learn them yourself. Don’t try to touch a dog in a cage or behind a fence, for example. If a dog is growling, walk – don’t run – away. Here are some other tips to read and share with your family from the ASPCA.

Be alert

When in a crowded public space, like a farmer’s market or a street fair, watch out for dogs. If you have a child in a stroller, you might not notice that dog on a leash walking by, but the animal is at eye level with your child. Be vigilant.


Summer is often a time for family reunions and visits with friends. And pets are often present at these events, right? Never let your children, especially if they are under age 10, be alone with a dog. Even the best-behaved child can frighten a dog who is not used to being around kids.

Walk away

If you are at a park or public space and you see an aggressive dog, walk away. Sometimes, the best thing to do is leave the situation and try some other activity.

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