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Motorcycle safety: Five reasons you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and protective gear

There’s something about the open road on a motorcycle. The wind, the freedom, the power. But there’s something else that’s important to think about: Motorcycle safety.

While Ohio law doesn’t mandate helmets for those over the age of 18, the legal experts at the Schottenstein Law Offices often see the aftermath of motorcycle crashes. The fact is, you should use a helmet and protective gear EVERY time you ride. Motorcycle safety isn’t always fun to talk about, but it is important.

In this blog, we are sharing five reasons why you should always wear a helmet and protective gear. Read on:

It could save your life

The fact is, there’s nothing between you and the road when you are riding on a motorcycle. If there is a crash, a helmet could protect you from serious injury and death. It’s just a fact. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets in 2017 saved 1,630 motorcyclists’ lives. And 715 more lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets.

It could save you money

If you are in a motorcycle crash and you survive, you are likely looking at months or years of costly medical bills and lost wages. A helmet can prevent serious injury – and save you health care costs.

Training doesn’t always help

While we are proponents of training classes for motorcyclists, they only prepare you for things you can control. You cannot predict what other drivers will do and let’s face it: They aren’t always looking for a motorcyclist.

It might be the law in other states

If you are traveling across the U.S. on your motorcycle, helmet laws will vary. It’s best to get into the practice of always wearing your helmet so you are prepared to keep the wheels rolling on your journey.


If you are riding with others, don’t you want a way to communicate? Many helmets allow for communication – between driver and passenger and other motorcyclists in your group.

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