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Bike safety and kids: Setting up family rules

It’s a milestone many children and parents celebrate: Riding a two-wheeler! Bike safety and kids is something you should start early and enforce often. Setting up family rules can help.

By laying the groundwork for good bike safety practices, you are teaching your children how to stay safe when riding around. While you’ll likely always worry, you can rest assured that by setting up family rules around bike safety, that your children will learn by your example.

Read on for some tips on setting up bike safety family rules for your children:


This might seem like a no brainer, but with children riding bikes, scooters, roller skates and more nowadays, making a helmet mandatory for ALL toys with wheels is a solid family rule. Start them young: If you take your baby or toddler out and about in a bike trailer or bike seat – put a helmet on him or her. They’ll get used to it and it will be a life-long habit.

See and be seen

Teach your children to always be vigilant for cars. Make your family bike safety motto: See and Be Seen. This might mean wearing bright clothing when on a bike to stopping at driveways and other vehicle crossings to look for cars.

Rules of the Road for bike safety

Remember, a bicycle is a vehicle and not a toy. Even young children can learn that difference. And they can certainly learn the rules of the road. Teach them to obey basic traffic laws (stop signs, bike lanes etc.) They can also learn and use courtesy and caution.

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