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Auto technology and safety: Features to look for

If you are in the market for a new car, congratulations! It’s an exciting time. If you haven’t purchased a new vehicle in a while, you might be shocked at the latest auto technology and safety features being offered to help you stay safe on the road.

Auto technology and safety is a big deal and these new features can definitely help you stay safer while driving and parking. But what features should you be looking for? There are so many, it can get confusing.

The legal experts at the Schottenstein Law Offices are here to help you sort out the latest auto technology and safety innovations for when you go to purchase your next vehicle. Read on:

Crash avoidance technology

Your car can help you avoid a collision? It’s true! These features were once only offered on high-end, expensive vehicles but auto manufacturers are now offering them on other models as well. Consider opting for forward collision warning technology, which will sound an alarm if you are getting too close to another car or adaptive headlights, which help you see better when it’s dark.

Backing up and blind spots

Backup cameras are a nifty tool to help you get out of parking lots without dinging your car or others. You can also consider blind spot detection, in which sensors are used to alert you to something in your blind spot.

Emergency assistance

You’ve probably heard of General Motors’ OnStar system, which can call for help in the event of a crash. Other automakers are also offering a similar service, which can come in handy if you need help fast and can’t call yourself.

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