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Dog Bites: Five reasons Dogs Bite

We all love dogs, right? They are cute, cuddly and they can offer companionship and protection but sadly, there are many reasons dogs bite — even with the most conscientious and careful owners.

There are, however, several common reasons dogs bite. Knowing the reason behind a dog bite may help you prevent it – saving pain, suffering or a legal issue:

Food aggression

Many dogs are food aggressive. This trait is common and so preventing a dog bite should be easy, right? Maybe. If you have a dog who is food aggressive, make sure to feed it in a quiet, contained place and make sure everyone in the family – and those who visit your home – are not to approach the dog when it is eating. A porch with a door or a pantry with a gate are good places to feed your food-aggressive dog to cut the risk of a dog bite.

Sickness or pain

Even the most gentle pooch might bite if in pain or sick. Sometimes, there is no way to tell but if you know your dog, keep track of things like energy level and food intake. If something seems off, use extra caution around your pet – and watch children closely to make sure they understand that Fido isn’t his usual self.


Fear is one of the most common reasons dogs bite. This is less likely with your own pet, but if you are visiting a house with a dog or out and about, keep this in mind. Don’t approach strange dogs and try to deter strangers from approaching your dog. Also, teach your children not to approach strange dogs – even if the owner assures you the dog is friendly. Better safe than sorry!

Mother’s instinct

If you have a female dog who has recently had puppies, watch out for a dog bite. The maternal instinct is strong and can provoke aggression in even the gentlest canines.


If you are at the dog park or on a nice walk with your dog, you might meet another pooch or two. Sometimes, this is a good thing! But if two dogs get into a tussle, a dog bite can happen if you try to break up the fight. Sticking your hands into the fray is a last resort; try yelling or water first.

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