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Three things to make sure your doctor does

Every year, millions of American children play at least one sport. Athletics are a great way to teach kids about teamwork, healthy habits and commitment. So if your child plays a sport or two, you probably need to schedule school sports physicals.

Most school sports physicals include the typical exams: Measuring height and weight, checking vital signs and discussing past injuries and health issues. To keep your child healthy during school sports, there are few other tests you should have your doctor run during school sports physicals. Read on:


Sudden cardiac deaths in student athletes often make headlines. These tragic deaths don’t happen often, but the sad truth is, some are preventable. EKG tests aren’t mandatory with most school sports physicals. Also, EKG tests aren’t cheap and can’t always identify issues. Talk with your doctor about the benefits and drawbacks of an EKG test for your student athlete.


With teenagers and older children, immunizations might have fallen off your radar. But make sure to check with your doctor during your child’s physical about immunizations. Your older child might need a booster or additional immunizations and this is the time to ask!

Vision/hearing screening

While many school sports physicals include some type of vision or hearing screening, late summer is a great time to make sure your child isn’t developing vision or hearing problems. Having an extra screening – or asking your doctor for extra time during school sports physicals – is a good idea.

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