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Teen driver: Three conversations to have now

If you have a teen driver, you might have already talked about safety and other issues surrounding the privilege of having a license. However, this is something that needs to be an ongoing conversation

Teen drivers don’t always listen the first (or second, or third) time, so here are three conversations to have now and then repeat as necessary.

The fact is, according to the National Safety Council, half of all teens will be involved in a crash before high school graduation. It’s also the leading cause of death for teens. Sadly, the council says that most are not wearing seat belts and are also distracted.

Having high expectations and clear family rules is a way to keep your teen driver safe. Read on:


Talk to your teen about how driving is a skill and teen drivers only improve with practice. And then, take them out to practice! Just because your teen passes the driver’s exam, doesn’t mean he or she is ready to be turned loose on the roadways. It takes time to become a good, safe driver. Make sure you practice with your teen often and in different conditions and locations.


We all know that we shouldn’t use our smart phones and drive, but the fact is, distracted driving is a huge danger. As parents, we need to practice what we preach. Make it a family rule that NO ONE uses a smart phone – for any reason – while behind the wheel. And let your teens call you out if you slip up. No texting, talking etc. while driving. Period.


Even if your teenager doesn’t drink and drive, he or she could be in a position where a friend has had alcohol or drugs and is attempting to drive. Talk with your children often about how they can always call and you will – no questions asked – come and pick them up. Be your child’s safety net. It could save his or her life.

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