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Teen car crashes: Five reasons why teen drivers crash and how you can prevent them

It’s a rite of passage: A teenager gets a driver’s license and experiences some real freedom. But teen car crashes do happen – and at an alarming rate.

If you have a teenage driver, you might be wondering about teen car crashes and how to prevent them – or at least talk to your child about staying safe on the road. It can be difficult to talk to teenagers, but the statistics are sobering. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 2,200 teenagers ages 16-19 were killed in car crashes in 2014. More than 220,000 were injured. Teenagers aged 15-19 make up only about 7% of the U. S. population but they account for 11% of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries, according to the CDC.

Here are five common reasons for teen car crashes and how to prevent them. Read on:


Talking, texting, putting on makeup: Distracted driving kills. Talk to your teen about always paying attention and saving the distractions for when the car is in park. How to do this? Set a good example: Don’t text and drive yourself and limit multitasking when you are behind the wheel. If you talk the talk, walk the walk.


Think back to when you first started driving and how your skills have evolved. Teen drivers crash because they often don’t know how to handle situations that arise on the road. Have your child practice driving in a snow-covered parking lot. Talk about train crossings. Enroll your teen driver in a defensive driving class. It will pay off.


While you may think: “Not my teenager!” the truth is, many teenagers drink and drive. Talk to your children about the dangers of drinking and driving, or getting behind the wheel with an intoxicated driver. Make a family pledge: You will come get your child no matter what, no questions asked. You could be saving his or her life.


There is technology available to check up on your teenager’s driving. Many teenagers exceed the speed limits. In this case, you need to set a good example. Don’t speed yourself and make sure your teenager knows you expect them to follow the law too. You can also install technology to monitor your teen’s driving. Slowing down can prevent a teen car crash.


You often hear people complain of teenagers driving recklessly. At that age, kids think they are indestructible and sometimes have an inflated sense of driving skills. Talk to your teenager about safe driving habits and invest in extra training, if necessary.

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