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Elder abuse: Four signs your loved one is in trouble

If you have a family member who can no longer live independently chances are, he or she is in a nursing home or care facility. While you may be confident in your loved one’s care, elder abuse does happen – and it can be prevented.

Knowing the signs of elder abuse, and keeping close tabs on your loved one’s caretakers and aides, is the biggest key to preventing this tragedy. However, spotting elder abuse isn’t as simple as you might think. There are different types of abuse – physical, emotional, financial – to look out for.

Read on to learn these four signs your loved one could be a victim of elder abuse:

Changes in personality or sleep patterns

One of the biggest signs of elder abuse is a change in sleep patterns or personality. If your normally sunny loved one sad or depressed? Confused? Complaining of exhaustion or poor sleep? Ask the hard question: Is someone hurting you?


If your loved one has suddenly started missing church or his or her weekly bingo game, that’s a sign that something could be wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask.


Does your loved one have bruises, cuts or burns that you can’t explain? Are they showing signs of trauma or fear? While the elderly – especially the infirm – can injure themselves, if your loved one hasn’t recently fallen or injured themselves and has wounds, it might be time for a gentle conversation about elder abuse.

Messy or disheveled appearance

If your neat and tidy loved one all of a sudden starts having greasy hair, dirty clothes or bedsores, it might be a sign that his or her care is lacking. Make it a point to visit more often and meet the staff. Ask questions about bathing and laundry, and about moving patients.

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