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Three things to consider in a personal injury attorney

Everyone knows accidents happen. You slip and fall. You get into an auto accident. You get bitten by the neighbor’s dog. It can be hard, however to know if you need to hire a personal injury attorney.

If you aren’t a lawyer yourself, it is confusing and sometimes unclear if hiring an attorney after you are injured is the right thing to do.

The experts at Schottenstein Law Offices have three things to consider when looking for a personal injury attorney:

  1. Finding the right fit

If you were bitten by a neighbor’s dog, you wouldn’t hire a defense attorney, right? Right. But finding the right attorney is about more than just finding one who specializes in the area you need – personal injury. Most good attorneys offer a free consultation. Use this time to make sure the attorney you want to hire is a good fit. Does he or she return calls and emails? Get back to you in a reasonable time frame? Can they explain your rights in a clear manner? You should get a feeling about whether your personality will mesh with the attorney and lead to a solid working relationship.

  1. Experience

You will definitely want to hire a personal injury attorney who has experience in cases like yours. And it’s also fair to find out how he or she typically works to resolve these cases and what you can reasonably expect as an outcome.

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