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How to stay safe and avoid an accident with a semi-truck

Sharing the road: How to stay safe and avoid an accident with a semi-truck

They are big, they cannot stop on a dime and they are pretty much on every road and freeway in America: Semi-trucks.

They haul your food, your clothes, the cars you buy – pretty much everything we purchase was hauled by a semi-truck. We have a love/hate relationship with these large vehicles. If you have driven anywhere recently, you know that semi-trucks aren’t going anywhere.

So how do you avoid a collision – and the likelihood of serious injury or even death — with a heavy and large semi-truck? The legal experts here at Schottenstein Law Offices have three tips on how to stay safe and avoid an accident with a semi-truck.

  1. Be a courteous motorist

Large, heavy semi-trucks don’t have the same agility as the average passenger vehicle. Staying clear of a semi-truck’s blind spots (which are located on each side of the truck as well as in the front and rear) can help the driver see you better and avoid merging into your lane. Remember, if you can’t see the driver, he or she can’t see you!

Another small courtesy that can save you is to stay a good distance behind a semi-truck as it turns. Semi-trucks make wide turns and trying to go around it is not a good idea – you could be involved in a collision!

  1. Space, space, space

Similar to No. 1, one of the best ways to avoid an accident with a semi-truck is to give them a wide berth. Don’t tailgate, don’t cut them off and try to avoid hard stops when you are in front of a semi-truck. Semi-trucks are large and heavy; they don’t have the stopping distance or turning circle of a passenger vehicle.

  1. Try to stay off the side of the road

This is a big one: If your vehicle becomes disabled, you may have to pull over. It happens, right? But if you can avoid this, do so. Getting clipped by a semi-truck on the side of the road is a recipe for disaster. If you can’t pull all the way off the road, get out of your car.

If you follow these simple safety tips, you can help stay safe on the road and share it with semi-truck drivers! However, if you have been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you may be entitled to compensation.

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