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Recreating The Scene Of An Accident

After you have been in a car accident, you may not immediately be able to figure out what happened or how the accident was started. When there are extensive injuries suffered, or someone dies, the information that can be gathered from drivers or passengers involved in the crash may be compromised. Information on the events surrounding a car accident is very important when seeking compensation for any injuries sustained and property damaged. A plaintiff’s attorney may hire investigators and other individuals who can gather evidence that shows how an accident likely occurred, and which party was to blame for the accident. In addition to other forms of investigation that may be conducted after the accident, accident reconstruction is sometimes necessary.

Accident reconstruction, also known as traffic collision reconstruction, is a process by which evidence is gathered and analyzed using physics, engineering, and scientific principles to determine how a collision occurred. Accident reconstructionists may be accredited through an international organization, and often testify as expert witness at trial as to the cause of a car accident. While police departments sometimes have access to their own accident reconstructionists, they are not often readily available.

Accident reconstruction can answer questions such as the speed the drivers were traveling, if the drivers lost control and what caused them to, whether the terrain or other physical characteristics of the road contributed to the accident, and whether the drivers should have been able to avoid the accident. The accident reconstructionist can provide charts, photographs, and even computer generated simulations to explain the scientific evidence to a jury to help them understand how an accident happened. Explaining how the accident happened in a simple, understandable way can make a great difference of how the jury interprets the evidence in favor of a plaintiff. Evidence provided through accident reconstruction can also help the parties come to an agreement or negotiate a settlement before proceeding to court. Due to the nature of the evidence to be gathered, and changing traffic and road conditions, it is better to hire an expert early on in the case rather than after time has passed.

Unfortunately, even when multiple accident reconstructionists analyze evidence relating to the same accident, they may come to different conclusions. Therefore, the defense may also hire an accident reconstructionist to counter the evidence presented by the plaintiff’s expert. The defense can hire their own expert to testify about how the accident happened, and to testify on whether or not the accident could have caused the injuries the plaintiff claims. Generally, accident reconstructionists may be more likely to be used in a case involving fatalities (i.e., a wrongful death case).

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