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Left Turn Liability In Auto Accidents

Executing a left turn is considered a dangerous maneuver. A driver who turns left does so with the potential of oncoming traffic. Left-turning drivers are generally expected to yield to oncoming traffic and only turn when making such a turn would not constitute a hazard. Failure to yield and make a proper left turn is considered a minor misdemeanor. The driver is almost always presumed to be at-fault in a traffic accident with a driver who was travelling straight ahead. There are exceptions to this general presumption. For example, when the oncoming driver runs a red light and causes the collision with the turning car. Drivers turning left at the direction of a green turn arrow have to show that they were turning on the green arrow when the accident occurred to avoid liability.

Although it can be difficult to prove which driver moved on a red light versus a green light, this kind of proof can be found in the form of witness testimony, traffic cameras, other surveillance cameras from surrounding businesses, and even some form of accident reconstruction. A driver may also make certain admissions during the deposition phase that may indicate his or her fault and make it more likely that their insurance company would agree to a settlement.

When the police arrive at the scene of an accident, if you are not unconscious or have not suffered other serious injuries to the point of being unable to communicate, you should ask the police to note the condition of the traffic lights. If there are other obstructions that may have contributed to the accident, it is important to note them so as to have a clear picture of what happened after the excitement of the accident has worn off.

Pedestrians and cyclists who are involved in accidents due to left turning drivers in Columbus, Ohio, are more likely to suffer very serious injuries in the accident. The traffic rules requiring left turning drivers to pay attention and yield to oncoming traffic apply equally to pedestrians and cyclists who also share the road.

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