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Making A Claim When You Think You Partly Caused An Accident

Many accident victims fail to make a claim because they think they partly caused the accident, and therefore cannot recover any money. But there are several reasons why you should call our law firm after an accident, even if you think you may be partly at fault for it.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Making A Claim

One reason is that, in most states, accident victims can recover compensation, even if they partly caused the accident. Generally, your damages are reduced by the amount of your fault.

Another reason to seek legal help is that you may be wrong. Many car accident victims think they caused the accident, but the facts are the other driver was more at fault. Lawyers have investigators and experts who can analyze the accident to find the true cause. You should not make your own conclusion about fault until the accident is fully investigated.

Schottenstein Law Offices In Columbus, Ohio Can Help

After an accident, don’t give up a claim just because you feel partly at fault. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can help conduct an investigation to resolve the issue of fault, including whether one party was at fault, or the parties share responsibility. This can turn what you thought was no recovery into a large financial award that pays for your injuries and losses. Call us TODAY at (614) 467-8474 to schedule your free consultation.