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Grief and the holidays: How to cope if you have lost a loved one

Grief and the holidays: This time of year can be joyous, but if you have recently lost a loved one, they can also be painful and lonely. At Ed Schottenstein Law Offices, we understand.

Sure, you have many special memories but grief and the holidays can be hard to navigate – especially if this is the first year without a loved one.
Here are some simple ways to enjoy the holiday, even if you are grieving.

Give back

Did your loved one have a favorite charity or cause? It may feel strange not buying him or her a gift, but making a donation in your loved one’s name can feel good – and do good! It can become an annual tradition to honor your loved one that you will actually look forward too.

New traditions

When you lose a loved one, carrying on with traditions can be painful. Grief and the holidays can sneak up on you too. What will Christmas be like without mom’s cookies or what will July 4th be like without dad lighting fireworks? The experts at Ed Schottenstein Law Offices understand. This can be a time to start a new tradition or two that will help you make new memories. You can still honor past traditions too, but making new ones is a part of healing.

Graveside visit

Visiting a loved one’s grave at the holidays can be healing. You can bring flowers or a wreath. If you haven’t been in a while, the holidays can be a good time to go.


Talk with other loved ones about how to celebrate the holiday. And remember, your grief is YOURS. Not everyone grieves in the same way. Open communication and active listening can help everyone feel heard and appreciated.

Take time

The holidays can be busy and stressful enough but if you are grieving, it can be even more overwhelming. Try to carve out time to recharge and reflect. It’s OK to say no to an invitation or leave a party if it becomes too much. And if you start to cry, that’s OK too.

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