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After An Accident: How To Find Out If You Have A Good Case

If you’ve been in an accident and want to make a claim, probably the first question you will have is “Do I have a good case?” The answer depends on several factors. They include:

Is the other person at fault?

For your claim to succeed, generally a person or business must be at fault — they did something wrong or failed to do something.

But don’t rule out making a claim if you partly caused the accident, as in most states you can still recover damages. Also don’t rule out a claim until you have all the facts. Many people think they caused an accident when the other person was at fault. Our firm can help investigate the accident and advise you how the issue of fault will likely be resolved. We can also advise you if you’re entitled to compensation even if you partly caused the accident.

Did you suffer damage?

To receive money after an accident you must suffer “damage.” This can cover many things like medical bills, lost wages, costs to fix or replace property, and pain and suffering.

Even if right after the accident you think you weren’t hurt, you still may have a good case, as some injuries take time to develop. Since your injuries may be unknown for a while, call us even if they seem minor. We will protect your rights in case they get worse and you later have medical and other expenses from the accident.

Can you collect?

Even if the other person is at fault and you have damages, your victory has value only if you’re paid. So before making a claim, you’ll want to know that the other party has money or insurance so you can collect if you win.

But remember there can be many sources for recovering damages. So don’t give up a claim just because the person who caused the accident can’t afford to pay. There may be other parties responsible for paying your damages, like the person’s employer or your own insurance.

Are you within the deadline to make a claim?

Another factor to assess your case is whether under the law you’re still entitled to make a claim. Laws set deadlines for making personal injury claims. If you wait and the deadline passes, your case will be dismissed, even if it’s valid.

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After an accident, call us at (614) 467-8474 to find out if you have a good case. We can analyze the issues of fault, damages, timeliness and ability to collect and tell you if your case is strong. Contacting us promptly after the accident will help make sure that if you have a good case, you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.