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Auto Accidents Due To Negligent Repairs

Taking your car in for servicing is a routine thing that most people do in order to ensure their car is running in good condition. Others choose to go to the mechanic when they feel or discover there is something wrong with their car. In either case, when most people take their cars in for servicing, they trust that the mechanic will fix whatever is wrong with their car, and not miss any major problems. When a mechanic is negligent in fixing your car, you can end up in a serious accident resulting in serious injury or death.

When a driver gets into an accident as a result of negligent repairs made on his or her car, he or she may be sued by any person who suffers either bodily harm or property damage as a result of the accident. In some cases, the driver’s insurance may be able to cover the costs involved with claims from the injured parties, and in other cases the driver may be sued for damages. The driver who faces this kind of liability may be able to offset the cost by suing a negligent mechanic for not properly fixing the car, if he or she can prove the accident was a direct result of the mechanic’s negligent repairs.

In order to prove that the cause of the accident was the negligence in repairing the car, the driver should take certain steps after the accident. The driver should seek another mechanic as soon as possible after the accident in order to have the car reexamined. If the car is still operable, the driver should avoid driving it too much before having this second examination conducted.

Note that mechanics cannot be held liable for failing to discover everything that is potentially wrong with a car during a checkup. Generally, a mechanic cannot be held liable for not discovering a hidden defect unless he was specifically tasked with finding it, and the failure to find it was due to negligence.

As with other negligence lawsuits, the person bringing the lawsuit has to have suffered some kind of harm. For example, simply discovering that the mechanic failed to identify a major problem that did not result in an accident or in the car not properly functioning may not generally lead to a successful claim based on negligence.

Before suing your mechanic, you can try talking to them and see if they would be willing to help meet some of the costs of any damages suffered as a result of their negligent repair. This would be a good approach if the damages caused are limited to property damage to your car alone. However, if possible, it is always a good idea to have an attorney assist you with any negotiations or settlement discussions.

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