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After An Accident: 10 Important Ways a Lawyer Can Help You

If you’re in an accident, one of the biggest decisions you have is whether to hire a lawyer to help make your claim. Many accident victims are unaware of all the ways a lawyer can help. Here are 10 important ways a lawyer can help you after an accident:
  1. Recommend doctors and other healthcare providers to treat you.
  2. Tell you if you have a strong case and how much money you’re entitled to receive. This is important because insurance adjusters like to say your case is weak or that you aren’t entitled to much money. They do this because they work for the insurance company, not you. By having your lawyer tell you how strong your case is and the value of your claim, you’re much more likely to get the maximum compensation.
  3. Explain your rights. You have many rights after an accident, including the right (in most states) to receive damages even if you partly caused the accident. Not knowing your rights can cause you to make a mistake that lowers your recovery.
  4. Advise you who else may be liable to you. This helps when one party can’t pay all your damages.
  5. Your lawyer can help investigate the accident and collect the evidence needed to present the strongest case for you.
  6. Deal with insurance companies for you. Not only will this lower the time you spend on the matter, but your lawyer is experienced dealing with insurance companies and won’t be tricked by tactics they use to delay or lower accident payouts.
  7. Help you with your property damage claim.
  8. Help you get the most compensation. Accident victims are often entitled to be paid for many things, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Your lawyer will help make sure not to miss a category of loss that you’re entitled to be paid for.
  9. Help you get more money than if you handle your claim alone. Studies show that accident victims who use a lawyer obtain more money.
  10. Loyalty and confidentiality. Your lawyer provides all these services with the benefits of loyalty to you, and confidentiality.

These are just some ways a lawyer helps you after an accident. A lawyer makes recovering damages easier, reduces the time you spend on the matter, and is likely to get you a lot more compensation than if you handle your claim alone.

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