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Accident Claims: "Oh, I Can Handle It Myself"

When someone has an accident they may not want to contact an attorney because they feel they “can handle it by themselves”. Here are some pitfalls with that type of thinking.

Lack of Medical Treatment Immediately After the Accident

Even if the hospital doesn’t think you need it, and you think you feel “OK” or “It’s not that bad”, an examination by a third party can give a more unbiased opinion regarding your condition. By waiting to seek treatment, an insurance company may take the position that your pain and condition did not result from your accident but from something you did on your own. The insurance company may have a reason not to cover your costs for treatment resulting from an injury.

You May Think… “I can contact the insurance company on my own”.

Remember, they are thinking from a standpoint of what it is going to cost them. You may make comments, while your call is being recorded, for the purpose of using it to their advantage, that can negatively impact your situation or your ability to have your treatment paid for. This is why you often hear attorneys tell their clients not to discuss their cases with anyone. Ed Schottenstein has an experienced staff that understands your situation and how it should be managed.

Consistency of Care Is Also Important

If your doctor recommends that you treat for three times per week, then you should do that and not miss appointments. When multiple appointments are missed, an insurance company may take the position that if you aren’t in enough pain to be attending your treatments, you must be better and not hurt as bad as originally diagnosed. This can have major impact on your ability to recover damages.

Schottenstein Law Offices has been successful in achieving the maximum payout on serious injury cases. Note that each case is unique and results are not guaranteed. By retaining Ed Schottenstein, you have someone representing you who has your best interests at heart.

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